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December, 9

Valery M. Nakariakov (University of Warwick, United Kingdom)

" Waves and Oscillations in the Solar Corona ".



November, 25

N. Kleeorin (Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel)

"Formation of large-scale inhomogeneous magnetic structures in a turbulent convection".



November, 20

V.L. Dadykin, O.G. Ryazhskaya

"Problems of neutrino radiation detection from SN1987A. Twenty one year later.


November, 13

I.V. Holin (Space Research Institute of RAS (IKI))

"HDVI Goldstone - Green Bank estimation of Mercury obliquity and libration - theory and experiment



October, 30

D.V. Titov

(Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany;

Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Science (IKI))

"Venus Express: mission results and future plans"



October, 28

Skulachev, Dmitri P. (Space Research Institute of RAS (IKI))


"25 Years after Relict-1 – the First Attempt to Detect a Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy.

Criticism of the Relict-1 Results in Light of COBE and WMAP Data



October, 22

James Head (Brown University, Providence, USA)

"Approach of Messenger with Mercury (January and October)"


October, 21

V.L. Kovalev (MSU) 

"Analyse and Prediction of Catalytic Properties of Heat Shield Coatings by Molecular Dynamic Modeling" 



September, 16  

G.G.Managadze (ISR RAS)


"Origin. Hypothesis of arise the living mater in the plasma torch of

the metorite impact."


August, 7  

Pavel Ditmar (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)


"Observation of natural mass transport on the basis of gravimetric data

from the GRACE satellite mission" 

July, 29  

Andrei O. Fedorov (CNES/CNPS/CETP) 

" Atmospheric-plasma interactions in magnetospheres of Venus and Mars" 

June, 5  

N.G. Makarenko (Main Astrophysics Observatory of RAS, Sankt-Peterburg) 

"Topology and Geometry of Images" 

June, 3 (beginning at 13.00)  

V.M. Agapov (M.V.Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics) 

"Investigation of man-caused near-earth orbits clogging" 

May, 15  

1. N. Shaposhnikov (Astrophysics Science Division Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA; CRESST/Universities Space Research Association, Columbia

"Determination of Black Hole Masses via Correlations between their X-Ray Spectral and Timing Properties" 

2. N.N. Rosanov (Vavilov State Optical Institute, Saint-Petersburg) 

"Dissipative optical solitons and some analogies with typhoons" 

April, 16 (beginning at 14.00) 

S.I. Popel  (Institute for Dynamics of Geospheres RAS)

"Physical Processes in a Dusty Ionospheric Plasma" 

March, 20 

A.S. Kholodov  (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

"Some computational models for medical biomechanics and ionospheric plasma

March, 13 

A.T. Karpachev and V.A. Telegin   (IZMIRAN)

"Irregular structure of the upper ionosphere from the Intercosmos-19 satellite data" 

February, 28 

Elena Gavryuseva  (National Institute of Astrophysics and Space Physics, Florence, Italy and Institute of Nuclear Research of RAN)

"Topology and dynamics of the large scale solar magnetic field" 

February, 21 

1. Dmitri Vainchtein  (Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences)

"Resonance phenomena: a tool for mixing, a tool for control, Part II" 

2. Elena Surovyatkina (Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences)

"Application of Bifurcation Analysis for the Detection of Invariants in Large Dimensional Complex Systems "

January, 24 

V.M. Melnikov (State Research and Production Association for Measuring Technology)

"Need for cosmic solar power systems  and evolution of their creation conceptions" 

January, 17 

A.Yu. Rozanov, RAS corresponding member (Paleontological Institute RAS )

"Reducing atmosphere of the early earth"