INTERBALL MAGION 5 situation analysis

MAGION 5 is subsatellite of the Auroral Probe, one of the satellites of the INTERBALL program. This program includes two satellites Tail Probe (launched at 3 August 1995), Auroral Probe (launched at 29 August 1996), and its subsatellites: Magion 4 (not succsseful) and Magion 5 (successful).
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The flight stage of the orbital situation analysis is presented: for using during the flight operations monthly (m) planning.
The satellites motion calculation during the flight situation analysis is based on the orbital elements determined by the Institute of Atmospheric Czech Academy of Sciences.

The satellite position in the various coordinate systems and different parameters along the orbit as a function of time are shown on the plots and represented in the numerical files.
The footprints magnetic mapping and magnetic conjugations with ground based magnetic observatories and with the other related Inter-Agency missions are shown as well.

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