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Alexander V. Govorov
(MIIGAiK, Space Research Institute)
Ivan B. Polyansky (Space Research Institute)
Ravil R. Nazirov (Space Research Institute)
Vladimir N. Nazarov (Space Research Institute)

Simulation modeling of shooting and photogrammetric processing
of images obtained by a lunar stereotopographic camera (LSTС)


The report considers the simulation of the planned surveys obtained by the LSTC with the parameters (height above the moon's surface, tilts of the optical axes of cameras, focal length, frame format, etc.), which are expected in a real flight. Based on the results of multiple tests, data were obtained on the expected accuracy of the digital model of the lunar relief, which can be obtained with a given survey geometry. The question of the geometric calibration of the LSTC is considered. To visualize the processes, the Blender three-dimensional modeling system was used, which made it possible to experimentally check the overlapping of images. In modeling, laser altimetry data were used for the maximum possible approximation to the real parameters of the lunar topography. Photogrammetric processing of the simulated survey was carried out using the original software of our own design.