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Boris B. Zelener
(Joint Institute of High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Rydberg quantum detector of microwave radiation

(B.B. Zelener, S.A. Sahakian, V.A. Sautenkov, O.F. Petrov)


Radiation corresponding to wavelengths from a few millimeters to tens of micrometers has a number of unique properties. It allows you to quickly wirelessly transmit large amounts of information, detect explosives at a distance, and diagnose biological objects without causing harmful chemical reactions. In the same wavelength range is the cosmic relic radiation, which contains a huge amount of information about the fundamental properties of the universe. Of particular interest is the study of the Sun, the planets of the solar system and nebulae in the sub-terahertz frequency range.

As part of this work, a prototype of a new type of millimeter wave detector will be created for use in modern radio astronomy. The quantum detector based on ultra-cold Rydberg atoms proposed for testing in the framework of a project with the state corporation Roscosmos has sensitivity to single photons, a wide range of possible detectable frequencies (from fractions of millimeters to several centimeters), and sensitivity to the polarization of the detected radiation. In this work, it is planned to work out the technological solutions necessary for the use of quantum technologies on the International Space Station.