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A Method of Multicriteria Optimization of Spacecraft Motion Control During Descent in the Planet's Atmosphere

Dmitry A. Orlov (RUDN University, Moscow, Russia)


The study is devoted to the search for ways to increase the efficiency of using automatically controlled spacecraft (SC) in the aerodynamic section due to the developed methodology for multi-criteria optimization of spacecraft motion control. The subject of the research is methods, algorithms for optimization of spacecraft control on the spacecraft movement section in the planet's atmosphere. A method is developed for finding the optimal control using various optimality criteria, boundary conditions and constraints on phase coordinates, based on the analytical definition of the first approximation of the control program, the parameters of the spacecraft motion and conjugate variables. A mathematical model of the spacecraft motion in the Jupiter atmosphere is presented, taking into account the carryover of the heat-protective coating masses for various aerodynamic shapes and design characteristics of the spacecraft. An algorithm for optimal control of spacecraft motion in the atmosphere of Mars and Jupiter using ricocheting trajectories has been developed. The proposed control algorithm makes it possible to "capture" the spacecraft by the atmosphere at gentle entry angles for spacecraft such as a space plane and a supporting body. A mathematical formulation is provided and a technique for solving a multicriteria problem of optimization of spacecraft motion control during descent in the atmospheres of Mars and Jupiter is developed.