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Mikhail Zhizhin
(Russian Space Research Institute (IKI RAS), Moscow 117997, Russia;
Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO 80401, USA)

Monitoring of the petroleum gas flaring in Russia using multispectral nighttime remote sensing

Mikhail Zhizhin (IKI RAS; Colorado School of Mines, USA), Alexey Matveev (IKI RAS),
Alexander Andreev (IKI RAS), Alexey Poyda (NRC "Kurchatov Institute", Russia)


Associated petroleum gas (APG) is an inevitable by-product of oil extraction. In many cases, remote oil production facilities lack infrastructure for associated gas utilization which leads to the disposal of gas through flaring and venting. Gas flaring volumes are usually measured with flow meters; however, these estimates are not usually openly available. As such, spatiotemporal data from satellite remote sensing algorithm VIIRS Nightfire are analysed within the boundaries of Russia. We present major regional and company-level results for 2012–2020 in Russia. Then our estimates are compared with available officially reported data. An example of emergency event impact is examined. Possible economic losses from the gas flaring in Russia are discussed.