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Analysis and synthesis of dynamics of descent in the Martian atmosphere spacecraft with a small asymmetry taking into account resonant disturbances

Ekaterina V. Kurkina
(postgraduate of the Samara National Research University)


The work is devoted to the study of the dynamics of spacecraft descending in the atmosphere of Mars with small asymmetry taking into account resonant disturbances. The aim of the study is to ensure the given orientation of the descent spacecraft in the Martian atmosphere by selecting of the small asymmetry of the spacecraft, which avoids the principal resonance, and also by obtaining the laws of spacecraft motion control. The analysis of the dynamics of descent spacecraft in a nonlinear case during passing through and capture into the principal resonance is carried out, and the laws of optimal control of the angular velocity and spatial angle of attack are synthesized to stabilization of spacecraft motion relative to its center of mass.

Approximate analytical expressions are obtained for estimating the probability of passing through and capture into the principal resonance of descent spacecraft and estimates of perturbations of the spatial angle of attack in the time of the spacecraft passes through the main resonance. A technique is proposed for constructing the region of permissible deviations of the design parameters of the spacecraft asymmetry. Control laws are formulated that provide stabilization of the spacecraft motion relative to the center of mass. Practical recommendations are formulated on the selection of the design parameters of the spacecraft, which allow avoiding captures to the principal resonance during the descent of the spacecraft in the Martian atmosphere. The results of the work can be used in the development of descent spacecraft and in the design of the spacecraft orientation control system at the stage of descent in the atmosphere of planets.

Abstract of the dissertation (in Russian):

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Dmitry A. Marshalov
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