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Development of algorithm while the transition of a spacecraft's trajectory
from its flight path into a circular orbit of the planet
by using the planet's atmospheric braking with uncertain conditions of its parameters

Zaw Min Tun (Bauman State University, Moscow, Russia)


The paper presents the development of algorithms for spacecraft control during its transition from hyperbolic trajectory to a circular orbit of the planet using atmospheric braking under conditions of uncertainty of its parameters, in compliance with the restrictions on the trajectory and temperature conditions on the surface of the vehicle. The numerical simulation of spacecraft motion taking into account the change of the minimum flight altitude in the pericenter is carried out. The study of the assessment of changes in the total time spent, depending on changes in the minimum height in the pericenter. The calculations of correcting velocity impulses at the apoapsis of the orbit with the uncertainty parameters of atmosphere. Developed algorithms for control of motion with finite energy integral and the surface temperature in the uncertain conditions of atmospheric parameters. These control algorithms allow the spacecraft to be put into a circular orbit with a heat shield with a higher payload in a minimum time.

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