Onboard data collecting system (STS)

Panska Ves Ionospheric and Telemetric Observatory

In the INTERBALL project the ODCS version was chosen as the system of data collection (STS) since this version together with the STO telemetry on the main satellite provides acceptably high resolution in real time. The channel of digital data transmission can operate with the rate up to 40 Kbit/s and the channel of analog information makes it possible to transmit the data with the band width up to 60 KHz.
In this case it is especially important that the data received from both spacecraft would match in time with high accuracy, otherwise some approaches to interpreting the measurement results would be impossible. However, for long distances from the Earth,the TM-rate (the band width) is rather limited.
An important component of the TM-system is the digital onboard memory device with the capacity of 4 Mbyte designed for recording the housekeeping data out of the zone of the radio-visibility from the ground-based stations and for registering the scientific data in several operation modes depending on the measurement program.
The onboard data collecting unit, STS, is installed to collect the analog and digital information from the complex of scientific payload and from the subsatellite service systems. This unit performs also the formation of the digital TM frame structure.

STS unit has the following features:

The largest information block in the STS is the main block (512bytes) consisting of 4 subframes of 128 bytes.
The signal to transmitter from the STS unit output has the form of bi-phase modulation.

The following organizations took part in design of the data collecting system:

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