Accumulator battery and protection system.

Each of the chemical batteries (XB-1 and XB-2) consists of 10 successively switched nickel-cadmium cells in pressure vessels of RSQ-4 type with the nominal capacity 4 A*hour. Batteries nominally operate in a buffer mode with the load power less than the solar array power. The batteries are being charged in this mode. They are discharging either when the load power exceeds the solar battery power, or on the shaded portion of subsatellite orbit. To control charge-discharge processes each of the accumulator batteries has temperature interval regulator.

Protection from an excess charging is realized by means of limiting the charging voltage at the level of 14.5 V. Emergency protection is realized through temperature regulators mounted inside batteries. Protection from excess discharging is provided by switching the battery off from the discharging circuit and by switching it to charging when its voltage falls below 10.8 V.

Power system design recommendations were made by Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia.

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