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Plasma of Meteorite Impact and Prehistory of Life

Authors: George Managadze (Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia)

Book Description:

This book offers a new concept of the possible genesis of primary forms of living matter and the mechanism of mirror symmetry breaking in the plasma processes that accompany a hypervelocity meteorite impact onto the Earth surface or the surface of any other planet. The concept is based on results obtained in direct impact experiments and in laboratory simulations of hypervelocity impact processes involving the generation of a plasma torch, on bona fide data on the physical processes occurring in nature, and on the available material evidence of impact consequences on Solar system bodies. The concept can explain the possibility of the emergence of extraterrestrial life in the interiors of celestial bodies with extreme surface temperatures and moderate temperatures in the inner layers provided water is present. (Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents:

Authors foreword to the English edition

Authors foreword to the Russian edition

Chapter 1. Early Scenarios of the Origin of Life and the New Concept

Chapter 2. Initial Conditions Provided by Nature

Chapter 3. Physics and Methodology of Impact Studies

Chapter 4. Experiments on the Synthesis of Organic Compounds in the Plasma Torch

Chapter 5. Optimization of Interaction Parameters and Identification of Synthesis Products

Chapter 6. Symmetry Breaking in the Plasma Torch

Chapter 7. Extraterrestrial Life and Hypothetrical Scenarios of its Origin

Chapter 8. Search for Signs of Extraterrestrial Life and the "Head-on Collision"


Afterword. Plasma Processes in the Deep Impact Mission, Mechanisms of the Development of Circular Polarization and a Homochiralic Medium



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